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From Craigslist today:

what i am looking for is:
compound bow
2003 impala parts
3-4 story ferret cage
baby ferret
wii/new game system
cheap car/truck
cheap dirtbike
9mm, 30-06, 45, semi,auto, etc...
bed frame
grow lights/system
tmobile blackberry
etc.... throw me some ideas... bored in my little town

what i got to trade is:
I got a coleman powermate 1850 generator, a nice air compressor(trades pro) 10 gal, a boat that needs a little love on the seats and a new motor has own trailer, I have like new 2 18v dewalt cordless hand drills,one is hammer drill, 2 18v dewalt flashlights, 1 18v dewalt angle grinder,a little older 18v bosch drill, a nice meat slicer, a little older, from my fathers deli, greens : ): ), a huge reptile tank... a cool superman amplified guitar(excellent condition) a hot tub that may need a little work, a electric handicapped lift gate for van that may have some wiring problems, and a handicapped electric scooter that is in excellent condition just has a wiring problem, it charges but wont go(cut wire maybe) if u think u need something else email me and ill see if i got it, just giving you an example of the better things i have to trade!!!! will send pic if interested

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