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Jackson Five Historical Slave Resort

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What do an old Nigerian slave port, a luxury resort, and the Jackson Five have in common?
Marion Jackson.
First there was eco-tourism, now there's historical tourism...mixed with defunct pop band tourism?

Andrew Walker, BBC News: "Visitors will be able to see the route their ancestors walked, shackled together as they were whipped toward the "point of no-return".

They can then retire to their five-star hotel to drink cocktails by the pool.

Visitors will be able to pay their respects at the site of a mass grave for those who died before boarding ships across the Atlantic Ocean.

And then travel a few yards in a buggy to play a round of golf.

They can visit a replica slave ship to see the conditions Africans suffered, before visiting the world's only museum dedicated to the memory of the Jackson Five."

Book your tickets now - this one's going to be hot!

BBC News article


Trouser Pigeons

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From today's BBC news:

"Australia holds 'pigeon smuggler'
The live pigeons, stuffed in envelopes, in the man's trousers
Customs say the pigeons were not endangered

A man has been caught with two pigeons stuffed in his trousers after he got off a flight from Dubai to Melbourne.

Australian customs officials say the live birds were wrapped in padded envelopes and held to the man's legs by a pair of tights under his trousers.

Officials also found two eggs in a vitamin container in the man's luggage.

Australia has strict quarantine rules on the importation of wildlife, plants and food. The man, 23, could face up to 10 years in jail.

The nation's quarantine regulations are designed to protect health, agriculture and the environment.

As well as 10 years' imprisonment, the maximum sentence for wildlife smuggling includes a fine of A$110,000 (US$70,480; £48,902).

Customs officials say they also seized seeds in the man's money belt and an undeclared aubergine, following the flight on Sunday.

They add that the pigeons were not endangered and that the case, as well as the birds, eggs and seeds, has been turned over to the country's Quarantine Service to assess the health risk."


Poor little guys....

Find the original article here

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