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A Knitted GI Tract!

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A friend of mine sent me the link to this ingeniously anatomical, yet cozy, digestive tract! It is apparently the brainchild of a knitter named Matie Truwe.

When I took anatomy, there was the real version of this extricated GI tract - from tongue to anus. I don't know who's GI tract it had been, but as one lifted it by the tongue from the juicy slop bucket of preserving fluids, it just did not evoke the warm fuzzies like this one. I am especially impressed how this knit version includes vallate papillae on the tongue and teniae coli and haustra on the large intestine.

I don't know Matie Truwe, but I absolutely love and covet this creation.

as originally seen at:
and now on the artist's website:

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