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I came upon this classic example a few weeks ago. It started out correctly displaying the possessive use of the apostrophe for "Betty's" but then kept on going. Maybe the sign-maker or sign-purchaser saw another "s" and couldn't help themselves...and there it ended up at the end of "Monday's." Sign making companies should always employ someone with a degree in English. There are so many out there whose knowledge is put to waste waiting tables.


I turned the corner and there, albeit on a much smaller sign, someone got it right. Betty and Pawsarotti (who I believe is a cat) both got credit for their shops but Sundays were left alone.


Oh, Whole Foods. Such a shock and a shame. Your clientele is so affluent. Your sign is so laminated. And that apostrophe is just so wrong. If you followed your own rules the whole thing would have said "Whole Food's Market Celestial Seasoning's 100% natural tea's are a tantalizing and guilt-free alternative to decadent dessert's." I know I must be crazy but I can't believe my own fingers just typed that!

Click here for a wonderful algorithm on how to use an apostrophe. They can help you with colons and semicolons too.

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