Ayatollah #1

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A few months ago I had a patient who, when I asked what he preferred to be called, replied "Call me Ayatollah." I'm not naming any names (for his sake and to avoid a stiff fine) but he was pasty white and not very Ayatollah-like. But, he was such a smart ass I called him Ayatollah anyway.
When we sent him home he asked me for my email address so he could send me "funny things." So I gave him my work email and the material has been flowing in.
I might have to dedicate a section of my blog to him because the next several posts will all be his doing. I'm just too busy or unmotivated to go looking for juicy blog material when everyone's grandma finds better shit to write about.thorazine.jpg
Now we just tie them down. What ever happened to the good old days?

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