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Sweet. Now I can finally travel back in time to that special era when the steampunks smoked their pipes while crocheting new lacey cravats while simultaneously dabbling in mechanical-ness. Mechanical-ness? Yes. Or so says in the caption of the hot new book: Steampunkery: Polymer Clay and Mixed Media Projects.

Allow me to quote from the listing: "[s]teampunk look combines a Victorian-era sense of romance with a clockwork mechanical-ness."

Also for sale is Steampunk Style Jewelry: Victorian, Fantasy, and Mechanical Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings. And so the appearance of being a romantic engineer - the ultimate blending of both worlds. The scientific and artistic; left brain, right brain. Greasy cogs and gears on new velvet....

Rest in Peace Mark Linkous

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I was sad to hear today that Mark Linkous - a.k.a. Sparklehorse, died on March 6th by suicide. I remember being introduced to his work by a friend - we got together and did some "cd-burning" back when it felt real high-tech to do so (at least for me). I don't remember what he liked of my music, but Sparklehorse's It's A Wonderful Life and Death Cab for Cutie's Forbidden Love EP were the two treasured albums I received. I always found It's A Wonderful Life to be so inextricably emotional, gritty, and soft all at once. Whether you want to call Sparklehorse "ethereal americana" or "emo indie-rock" the effect is potent and transfixing and maybe speaks to us certain moody types in a special way. I never knew he was paralyzed for 6 months after a drug overdose or that he battled drug addiction and depression. He was inspired and talented. I will miss you, Mark Linkous. Rest in peace....
Here is a Rolling Stone article about Linkous' life, death, and career.

Thanks Diarrheaphragm!

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It is just a matter of time before this hits the market:

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