Snake to be arrested, when found

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A BBC News article today reported the luck of a Kenyan man who survived a near python-swallowing. A 13 foot python tried in vain over three long hours to squeeze and then swallow him (how to eat a big burger?). Luckily, the man was able to call for help from his cell phone, and also bit the snake on the tail. While waiting for local villagers to pull him and the snake together out of the tree the snake dragged him into, he put his shirt over the python's mouth to make it harder to be swallowed.
The snake was captured, but later escaped. Be on alert when traveling in Kenya.

I was going to put some pictures of pythons eating various large prey, but they're too disturbing. Feel free to Google "python eating" and be prepared to see half a man coming out a python's mouth, a sheep-shaped python (snake as covering for sheep?) unable to move out of the road, and a pet snake recovering from surgery after eating an electric blanket. I'm not sure what kind of evolutionary adaptation this provides pythons, but by human standards they could use some professional help. Overeaters Anonymous?

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