Jackson Five Historical Slave Resort

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What do an old Nigerian slave port, a luxury resort, and the Jackson Five have in common?
Marion Jackson.
First there was eco-tourism, now there's historical tourism...mixed with defunct pop band tourism?

Andrew Walker, BBC News: "Visitors will be able to see the route their ancestors walked, shackled together as they were whipped toward the "point of no-return".

They can then retire to their five-star hotel to drink cocktails by the pool.

Visitors will be able to pay their respects at the site of a mass grave for those who died before boarding ships across the Atlantic Ocean.

And then travel a few yards in a buggy to play a round of golf.

They can visit a replica slave ship to see the conditions Africans suffered, before visiting the world's only museum dedicated to the memory of the Jackson Five."

Book your tickets now - this one's going to be hot!

BBC News article



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