Shoe Tree of Fallon, Nevada

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Well it may not be exactly Fallon - but it was east of there on I-50 - the loneliest highway in the west. Especially if you are a pair of discarded shoes.


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Splendid blog there!

I approve of your blog! Good stuff

That wonderful shoe tree has been chopped down by some evil idiot... my kids had shoes in that tree.. I have a piture if you would like it let me know

It's hard to imagine the motivation to cut down a tree like that - it was a really cool example of spontaneous communal art. It's not a small tree, either; someone would have to be quite motivated. If you send me a picture I'll post it here.

R.I.P. Shoe Tree.

There is a nice article from the SF Chronicle at this address:

I see from it that I've been giving Fallon the credit all these years. The tree seems to really be claimed by Middlegate, NV.

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