Flaky Pie Crust

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I can thank my friend James for giving me this family recipe. The secret is to freeze the butter, cheese grater, and mixing bowl ahead of time and to manipulate the dough as little as possible. To make it non-dairy, just substitute vegetable shortening for the butter. I find the Earth Balance shortening sticks work well, and they are non-hydrogenated too. It's never as good as the real thing, but if dairy is problematic you can still eat pie!

Makes 2 crusts - upper and lower, or 2 lowers.

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup white pastry flour
1.5 cubes butter/veg. shortening - frozen, then grated into bowl
1 egg
1 T apple cider or white vinegar
ice water to form into ball - approx. 1/4 to 1/2 cup? Start small.

1. Put flours into cold mixing bowl.
2. Grate frozen butter into bowl.
3. With two butter knives, cut in the butter to mix into flour. It should look chunky - a bunch of flour-covered butter pieces.
4. Add egg and vinegar. Cut in with knives.
5. With clean hands, mix very gently while adding ice water. Press up against side of bowl to test for cohesion. You want the dough to be sort of chunky, somewhat moist, and still sort of flour-y. Do not knead. Layers of butter and flour is what makes a crust flaky.
6. Transfer dough to a floured board. Cut dough in half and roll out one at a time. If you are only using half the dough for now, wrap the other half tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate.
7. Fold rolled out dough gently in half to transfer to pie dish. Open up to spread out. Finish off edges by tucking edges under and/or fluting.
8. Add filling and bake! A good temperature guideline is to start the pie at 400F for first 10 minutes and then drop to 350F for rest of bake time.

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